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2019 RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION: 4 - 19 January 2019

Shades of Blue



Brian Tilbrook2007 was the year when I unavoidably became 75. I could have celebrated with one minute’s silence but instead I chose to look back on my Hong Kong activities and display some of the more tangible results at an Exhibition (sponsored by Swires and in aid of TREATS) at the Park Court of Pacific Place, Hong Kong.

Like so many creative people I have occasional moments of what could be described as ‘ecstasy’ and many more moments of self-doubt and ‘agony’. But the overwhelming feeling I experience, as I attempt to assemble the paintings, prints, reviews and other published matter, is one of bewilderment that I found the many hours in which to do it all.

I was teaching full-time, a happy process for me of passing on encouragement and enthusiasm, rather than learning, and I tried to be involved as much as possible with Moyreen in bringing up our three children. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my wife, and also to the youngsters, Katrina, Simon and Nicolas, for the pleasure of their company and their support as I involved myself in a wide spectrum of creative activities.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to the many friends and strangers who have bought my art work, but I must especially thank Keith Kerr and Swires for their continuing kindness and endeavours in helping to put on what is understandably for me a rather special exhibition. I would also like to thank the many writers for allowing me to re-print their kind words collected over the years. Like most artists I need all the encouragement I can get!


This website showcases a number of my semi-abstracts and also six of the Heritage of Hong Kong reproductions, all of which were for sale. Each of the prints is one of a limited, signed and dated run of 15. All the proceeds have gone to TREATS whose excellent work is explained within these pages.

Treats Mission Statement

I have also, in yet another moment of self-indulgence, included in the website photographs of artwork which have long since disappeared from Hong Kong to find their homes in distant lands. But I see it all as a remembrance of things past, over 40 years in fact, of living in and loving Hong Kong. I am very grateful for the many opportunities this city has provided. I hope to continue painting and designing and, who knows, to possibly have another exhibition in 2032.

這畫冊收錄了我好幾幀半抽象畫和六幀刊登在「香港文物遺產」畫冊的複制本,全供發售。 不過每幅畫都是15幅限量發行的作品之一,而且全都印明本人的親筆簽名和作畫日期。畫作 的一切收益將撥入 TREATS 機構,有關 TREATS 出色的工作請見內頁介紹。

除了以上藝術作品外,我更在自我陶醉時加插了在港消聲匿跡多時,且已遷往外地的創作照 片, 這些對我來說都是過去四十年來在此地生活,愛上此地的一種紀念。 我感謝這個城市為 我提供的無數機緣,盼望能繼續從事美術創作和設計工作,並祈盼在2032年能再舉行一次畫 展。


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